Best 55 inch Full Motion TV Wall Mount

A full-motion television mount enables users to move the flat panel from the wall and allows them to view the television from multiple seating areas in the room. It is a smart choice for televisions placed above a fireplace or high on a room wall. It is a popular product amongst people who want to save space and have more than one usual viewing spot. Customers are usually picky while purchasing a product whether it is purchasing a pair of socks or a new car, customers usually have a blueprint of the product fixated in their minds. Like, the color, brand, and price range. Likewise, while purchasing an object such as a full motion wall mount for a television set, besides the color and the brand the customer need to know their television’s diameters, VESA range, the load capacity, space between the wall and product of range motion to buy a perfect and fitting full motion tv mounts for their televisions. This essay, outlines one best buy, two cheap two premium 55-inch full motion television wall mount. It also lists the pros and cons of each of the products and describes the best product amongst the five.

The first product is a Laury full motion wall mount with a modest price of $12.88. The full motion wall mount is for a Television set of 26-55 inches, it has got a swivel that comes out to about 17.7 inches. The swivel extension ensures a wide VESA range from 75 x 75mm to 400 x 400mm, while the viewing flexibility is excellent due to the full motion feature the range offered is a 5 degree to 12 degree and a 180-degree swivel for maximum viewing, and the durable steel gives it a finish than can hold load up to 60lbs. It has a distance of 60mm from the wall which is adjustable with the swivel. 

The customer would get a full motion wall mount for a very cheap price and would be accessible to a wider audience but one should take to notice that it is not compatible with drywalls and will be of bad quality.

Moving on the second product is a Mounting Dream UL which is slightly costlier than the other one with a moderate price tag of $29.99. The certified full motion wall mount can hold a set measuring 26-55inch in diameter and weigh up to 60lbs. It extends out to about 19.3 inches and with a max VESA of 400x400mm, with a range of motion of 5 to 15 degrees. This amount too is made of durable steel but what makes it different to the previous one is the durable powder-coated finish. 

The pros of the product is the moderate quality with superior mobility for best viewing angles at a moderate price while the con is that it just as the other it cannot be installed on drywall alone and due to which can have potential cable blockage. 

The third product is the best seller and is an ECHOGEAR Articulating TV mount at a price of $79.99. The product is for TV’s up to 78 inches and extends out to 19 inches and swivels 140 degrees left and right, meaning it goes where you go, giving it a versatile range for viewing. It can hold up about 110lbs. of weight and has got a VESA up to 600 x 400. 

The product is cost-effective a delivers both quality and durability at a reasonable price. It also has a slide mount that goes 5.4 inches left and right for perfect placement and a knob to adjust the viewing angles for your comfort. It also has a great distance of 73.66mm from the wall and is adjustable to all wall types. The only con being the bracket fits only on 16inches center studs on the wall.

The fourth is a premium Sanus product with a price of $101.18. It has an advanced tilt premium wall mount for Television sets of 46 inches to 90 inches. It holds weights up to 150lbs. and has an open wall plate that allows it to be mounted directly over electrical outlets.

The 5.7 inches tilt provides even the largest of televisions to achieve the maximum tilt that can be achieved. A minor setback is the viewing angles are not as versatile as it is made for Television sets larger than that of 55 inches.

The final product is a Premium Mount by ShopSmart Deals with a whopping price tag of $129.95. It is for TV sizes from 37 inches to 90 inches and holds up the weight to almost 165lbs. The VESA range comes at a whooping 800x400mm and the arm articulates out from 3inches to 18 inches. It has a 12-degree tilt which gives it a perfect viewing angle from couches and beds. 

The articulating mount also gives the product a two in one feature of Swivel and Tilt, and the 3 to 18inches articulating arm gives it a movement that will not be close enough to your walls making it safe and friendly to your home environment. With all that said this mount is only available for selected television sets making it non-versatile in terms of its reach for the types of Television sets. 

Finally, the best product amongst the above products is the ECHOGEAR full motion wall mount. Buying products online people usually focus on reviews and the price tag and this product justifies both requirements. In addition, it is has a great 360-degree motion flexibility and has a reasonable weight of 110lbs. and a 140-degree swivel that gives it an anti-glare property that is built for multiple angle viewing. The product also has cable clips that would neatly align the wires and not jumble them up. Lastly, the product is cost-effective and it can be self-installed in 20 minutes.  

In conclusion, cost-effective products are regarded highly in the amazon market.